As a tradesman, how can you save money in 2021?

Follow our expert's top money saving tips to find out more...

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’ve just started up, managing your money and time is an essential aspect of being ‘in the trade’. We’ve put together some money saving tips for tradesmen to help you kickstart the new year the right way.

1. Take Care of Your Tools



The tools of your trade are the foundation of any tradesman’s business and good quality tools are not cheap. Spending a little time now and again to give your tools a bit of TLC, especially in the colder weather, could prolong the life of your tools and save the big expense of replacing them.

Cleaning your tools at the end of each job with lubes and cleaners for tools, from WD40 to Paslode Impluse Spray Cleaner is a good habit to get into to keep any tool in tip top condition.





2. Vehicle Maintenance & Insurance

If you use a work vehicle, you need to care for that too. Regularly maintaining and servicing you vehicle can save money in the long run and make sure you get to jobs on time. It’s never a good idea to leave tools in a work vehicle overnight, many insurance policies don’t cover these so keep them secure and reduce the risk of them being stolen.

Make sure you get insurance from a specialist, so if the worst happens and you need claim you’ve got the right cover in place. Shopping around at renewal time may take a little effort and time but could save you money.

3. Tool Storage Solutions

In addition to tool maintenance, storing tools the right way will also extend their working life. The DeWalt Tough System Stackable Kit Box is made with durability in mind. If you need organising this is the piece of kit you need with plastic side clips which is stackable with other DeWalt boxes allowing them to be carried as one. It’s also dust tight and water jet resistant to store tools safely.




4. Review your BusinessReview your business

January is a good time to sit down and take some time to review your business and look at what’s happened in the past year. See if there are any direct debits that need updating/cancelling or outstanding bills that need chasing. You may find areas that you can save some money and buy that new tool you’ve been wanting to get your hands on!

Also, don’t forget to pay your tax bill. The deadline for submitting your online tax return is 31 January!

5. Keep up to date with expert advice

From YouTube to Blogs, there are plenty of online resources available to help you. So, keep yourself in the loop with the latest tools, advice and tradesman tips. You never know, they might help you to save some pennies this year!





We are always here and happy to help, so contact us if you have any queries about your order or if you would like to take advantage of some expert advice.

From everyone here at JT Atkinson, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year - here’s to a prosperous 2021!