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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with SME House Builders

    It’s big news for the small businesses. A recent study has reported that consumers are twice as likely to be “very satisfied” with the quality of their new home if it’s built by a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) housebuilder. Continue reading

  • Seven Forgettable Driving Laws

    If you’re a man with a van, you know how much your livelihood depends on using your vehicle. That’s why it’s vital to be aware of the driving laws that might land you with a hefty fine if you break them. This list doesn’t contain just small offences or the big ones, it’s a list of laws that are easy to forget about! Continue reading

  • Boiler Plus 2018: Everything You Need to Know

    From 6th April this year, there are some big changes coming to the rules and regulations around boilers for manufacturers and installers. The new legislation is called Boiler Plus and aims to improve the minimum performance standard for gas boilers. It will also mean timers and room thermostats are compulsory as well as encouraging a range of additional energy efficiency measures.

    The changes are being introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy following a consultation which started in 2016. Read about the changes below and how it will benefit both installers and homeowners.

    Continue reading
  • Losing Money In Winter? New Research Suggests So

    A recent study has found that loads of workers are losing out on money every winter! A lot of this money is being lost due to poor lighting. On average, tradespeople work 37.9 hours in the summer. But, in winter, this fell to 37.2 hours a week. With the average tradespeople earning £544.60 a week, this resulted in a loss of £295.32.

    Continue reading
  • A Bright Future For UK Construction

    After the devastating collapse of Carillion earlier this year there is some positive news on the horizon for the UK construction industry. A new report has been released which predicts there will be job growth of 1.3% per year. That’s a whopping 158,000 new jobs over the next 5 years, an average of over 30,000 each year.

    This prediction comes from a new report by The Construction Industry Training Board or the CITB for short. They predict that 15,350 joiners/carpenters and 9,350 labourers will be needed as more homes are built in the UK.

    Continue reading
  • Self-Employed: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    More people in the UK are self-employed now than ever before. The number of people of self-employed workers in the UK increased from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015, an increasing trend started in the early 2000's.

    Making the choice to become self-employed is a gamble however. While there are advantages to working for an employer, for some people, the advantages of self-employment make it the right choice for them.

    If you're thinking of making the move to self-employment, this article will help lay out some of the key benefits and downsides: Continue reading

  • 28 Tools Every Plumber Needs In Their Toolbox

    Nothing's worse than turning up at a job and finding out you don't have the right tools. So we decided to put together a list of essential tools that should be in every plumber's toolbox so you can focus on the job at hand:
  • How To Choose The Right Insulation For Your Home

    Choosing the right insulation for your property is essential, whether it’s a new build, a self build or a property you’re renovating, the efficiency of your property should be one of your primary concerns. Choosing the right insulation is not only good for the environment it can save you lots of money on your heating bills. All new homes must meet a certain criteria when it comes to thermal performance, something you need to be aware of when building a new build. Continue reading

  • Under Floor Heating Will Keep You Warmer This Winter

    Underfloor heating can be a great advantage to your home, and it boasts many different advantages. This type of heating is extremely popular across Northern Europe and in recent times it has become popular here in the UK. In this article we take a look at why you should get an underfloor heater. Continue reading

  • Choosing A New Boiler

    Your boiler has probably not had much use over the summer, but as the weather cools down your heating will be turned on more, and the demands on your boiler will increase. This is often the time of year when homeowners realise that their boiler isn’t working efficiently and look at replacing it. Continue reading

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