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  • 8 Tips To Prevent Tool Theft and Recover Stolen Tools

    Yes, I know this may seem obvious, but it’s helpful and worth knowing what you need to do to prevent your tools from being stolen. But also what you need to do if they are stolen. Continue reading

  • Could Carrots Change Construction?

    Industrial partners at Cellucomp Ltd UK are working with engineers at Lancaster University to develop stronger concrete, using vegetables! Continue reading

  • What Makes a Person Employed or Self-Employed

    Whether someone is employed or self-employed is an area that’s always been a bit ‘fluffy’ to say the least for both employers and the self-employed. Continue reading

  • 5 Tips for Preventing Accidents At Work

    From commercial to small-scale residential construction, sites can be dangerous places. Although contractors and builders do all they can to avoid injuries and keep up with safety precautions, accidents still always happen and on average every person has 9.1 days off due to illness and workplace injuries. With that in mind here are somethings you can do to avoid these mishaps… Continue reading

  • 5 Ways for Tradespeople to Save Money

    If you’re a tradesperson you’ll know that whatever trade you are in whether you’re laying bricks or fitting boilers, every penny counts.  You buy the materials for the job, put in the hard work and keep your customers happy, but you do it for a reason and that’s to make a living.

    Continue reading
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with SME House Builders

    It’s big news for the small businesses. A recent study has reported that consumers are twice as likely to be “very satisfied” with the quality of their new home if it’s built by a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) housebuilder. Continue reading

  • Seven Forgettable Driving Laws

    If you’re a man with a van, you know how much your livelihood depends on using your vehicle. That’s why it’s vital to be aware of the driving laws that might land you with a hefty fine if you break them. This list doesn’t contain just small offences or the big ones, it’s a list of laws that are easy to forget about! Continue reading

  • Protecting Wooden Garden Furniture: Varnish or Paint?

    In the past, wooden garden furniture came in two colours - one was silvery grey as the wood weathered, and the other was brown if the wood had been creosoted.

    We no longer use creosote because it's environmentally harmful, and we no longer restrict our garden design to shades of brown and grey.

    A whole raft of great new products means that we can apply the same creativity to our garden furniture that we do to our houses. Continue reading

  • Boiler Plus 2018: Everything You Need to Know

    From 6th April this year, there are some big changes coming to the rules and regulations around boilers for manufacturers and installers. The new legislation is called Boiler Plus and aims to improve the minimum performance standard for gas boilers. It will also mean timers and room thermostats are compulsory as well as encouraging a range of additional energy efficiency measures.

    The changes are being introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy following a consultation which started in 2016. Read about the changes below and how it will benefit both installers and homeowners.

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  • Losing Money In Winter? New Research Suggests So

    A recent study has found that loads of workers are losing out on money every winter! A lot of this money is being lost due to poor lighting. On average, tradespeople work 37.9 hours in the summer. But, in winter, this fell to 37.2 hours a week. With the average tradespeople earning £544.60 a week, this resulted in a loss of £295.32.

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