Leak Sealers

Leak Sealers

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  1. £11.82 £9.85

    Sentinel Internal Leak Sealer 1L

    Ref: HCHE038

    • Ideal for sealing small leaks or weeping joints 
    • For use on all indirect central heating systems 
    • Non-toxic & non-irritant 
  2. £6.85 £5.71

    Fernox LS-X Ext Leaksealer 50ml - 61016

    Ref: HCHE403

    • Size: 50ml
    • Ideal for use on compression joints and screwed fittings
    • Never sets rock hard, joints can easily be undone
  3. £27.01 £22.51

    Fernox F4 Express Leak Sealer Aerosol 400ml - 62422

    Ref: HCHE434

    • Quick & convenient – doses in 30 seconds
    • Simple to use with no mess
    • Added via a radiator adapter or filling loop supplied
  4. £24.05 £20.04

    Magnaclean MC4 Liquid Leak Sealer 500ml

    Ref: HCHE154

    • High performance leak sealer 
    • Seals inaccessible leaks and weeping joints 
    • Reduces pressure loss on sealed systems 
  5. £21.96 £18.30

    Fernox F4 CH Leak Sealer 500ml

    Ref: HCHE401

    • Ideal for reducing pressure loss from sealed systems 
    • Seals most weeps and small inaccessible leaks 
    • Saves time and money on draining down and repairing 
  6. £24.60 £20.50

    Sentinel Leak Sealer Rapid-Dose 300ml

    Ref: HCHE039

    • Leave-in additive for small leaks or weeping joints
    • Can be used on all types of indirect central heating systems
    • Will not cause blockages
  7. £25.74 £21.45

    Magnaclean MC4+ Rapide 300ml

    Ref: HCHE168

    • Faster, stronger and easier dosing
    • High performance leak sealer
    • Seals small inaccessible leaks and weeping joints

7 Products

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