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  • The Trade Awards Your Business Should Apply For

    There’s still time to enter your firm or business into the Building Magazine annual trade awards for construction. These are probably the most prestigious awards in the industry, but recently, some other awards have been introduced, to recognise contributions in newer areas, such as self-build. Continue reading

  • How To Repoint Your Wall

    Repointing a wall may seem like a complex task and something which you’d need to employ a builder for. However, although it’s a time-consuming job, with the right tools and a bit of knowledge it’s something that can easily be undertaken by a competent DIYer. Continue reading

  • 10 Crucial Tools Every Electrician Needs

    Most electricians are mobile and complete jobs in all kinds of places; therefore, it can be a challenge to ensure you have all the tools for the job when you get there whilst keeping your toolkit as light as possible. Continue reading

  • 10 Things You Need To Know Before Renovating Your Home

    If you’re planning on renovating your home, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you begin. Here are the top ten things you need to think about before you get the sledgehammer out: Continue reading

  • 5 Great Accounting Tools That Will Allow You To Focus On Your Business

    Let’s face it, when you have clients jumping up and down, you want to spend the maximum amount of time getting jobs finished and paid for, and the minimum time sitting in front of a computer trying to sort out the accounts. Continue reading

  • How To Erect A Fence

    As with all ground-work, before you start, identify where all pipes, drains and cables run and that none are in your way. Continue reading

  • Installing Drainage In My Garden

    If you live on a level area of heavy clay, as is the case in many parts of London and the home counties, you are likely to have issues with bodies of surface water that seem to take an age to evaporate or soak away. Here are some possible solutions. Continue reading

  • Turning From A Sole Trader To A Limited Company

    Most entrepreneurial businesses will start out as sole traders. A sole trader cannot separate themselves from their business in terms of legalities or financial matters. For these reasons, and the fact that turning a sole trader business into a limited company can have tax advantages, at a certain stage in the development of your business you may wish to consider making this change. This is a quick guide as to when it may be best to make such a change, and the pros and cons of a limited company as opposed to a sole trader business. Continue reading

  • Planning Your Next Landscaping Project

    Whether you're looking to transform your outside space into somewhere peaceful to sit and think that requires minimal maintenance, you want to have a fun area for children to play in or you simply want to surround yourself with beautiful colours and exhilarating scents, taking the time to properly plan your landscaping project is essential. Continue reading

  • Can Cavity Wall Insulation Save Me Money On My Energy Bills?

    Cavity walls, with two skins of masonry separated by an empty space, came into widespread use in the 1920s. They were designed to prevent the passage of moisture from the outside to the inside of the building, and thus stop dampness occuring. Continue reading

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