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I-Beams & I-Joists

I-Beams & I-Joists

I-Beams and I-Joists are a state of the art solution for roofs, floors and walls.


  • Floor joists in timber frame and masonry construction
  • Roof rafters in timber frame and masonry construction
  • Wall studs in timber frame construction


  • Reduction of cold bridging through the structure
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Lightweight (click here to watch video)
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Fast and easy site installation (click here to watch video)
  • Easily cut with standard tools
  • Full range of associated hangers available
  • An element of the full STEICO construction range
  • ETA – Independantly certified to European standards by the BBA
  • Reduces labour costs
  • CE marked 

I-Beams & I-Joists Applications

The STEICOjoist is a lightweight engineered I-joist section which enables the specification of multiple structural solutions to suit the most modern of construction processes. In combination with solid section STEICO LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) even the most structurally demanding engineering details can be accommodated. Our market leading product mix allows for simple building processes which deliver low cost solutions for both new build and renovations without compromising on our core principles of strength and quality.


Engineers have long recognised the advantages of an I-section in structural elements. Suitable material is only used in those places where it meets the needs, resulting in a slender and economical building element for floors, walls and roofs. Modern structures require high performance and cost efficient constructions in which shrinkage and movement are a thing of the past. The carefully selected components used in the flange and web create a high quality engineered wood product, designed to reduce movement and other problems associated with solid timber floors. Thanks to its engineered properties the STEICOjoist is dimensionally stable, avoiding the need for mid span blocking to be installed and reduces the risk of nail popping in plasterboard caused by timber shrinkage. Due to its light-weight properties, new floors are easily incorporated into renovation projects where access is limited and handling issues are important.




The STEICOjoist is lightweight, easy to install and can provide clear spanning solutions in excess of 10 m. This allows fast and efficient installation by the end user and provides highly insulated roof constructions.


STEICOwall is a slender building element for wall construction that demands a high level of energy efficiency and strength and the pre-insulated version facilitates easy insulation of the structure and contributes to cost savings.


To download the Steico Construction Technical Guide click here.

To watch how STEICOjoists are made, click here.

For more information or to start your I-Joist quote today, call us on 01642 608811, email or drop in to your local branch. We have stock on the ground for those urgent jobs otherwise we'll have your quote back to you within 3 working days and can offer a 10-14 day lead time on delivery.