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  1. £41.36 £34.47

    Condensate Pro Combo Kit 1m

    Ref: HBOI050

    Kit contains:
    • Install within 20 minutes!
    • 1 x 1m Condensate Pro Insulation
    • 1 x Ready made connection kit
  2. £25.76 £21.47

    Condensate Pro Insulation Kit - AW001

    Ref: HBOI051

    • Condensate Insulation with Unique Coating
    • External condensate pipes can be installed in under 30 minutes
    • 3 x 1m lengths in each kit
  3. £9.05 £7.54

    Condensate Pro PPS Bond and Seal Insulation Sealant 150g

    Ref: HBOI058

    • Unique product for bonding and sealing condensate insulation
    • Leaves no areas vulnerable to freezing
    • Supplied in a 150g tube for mastic guns
  4. £23.39 £19.49

    Condensate Pro Termination Kit - AW003

    Ref: HBOI053

    • Premade adjustable offset connection
    • Ready to use, right out of the box
    • Reduces installation time for external condensate pipe insulation fittings
  5. £13.46 £11.22

    Condensate Pro Maintenance Coat - AW005

    Ref: HBOI055

    • For when your Condensate Pro needs a fresh coat to restore the weather resistant qualities
    • Can be used to clean up the look of insulation
    • Water-based so it is easy to clean your brush after use
  6. £47.16 £39.30

    Condensate Pro Drift Kit - AW006

    Ref: HBOI056

    • Professional consistent finish every time
    • Unique tool to help enlarge overflow and waste pipes
    • Comes with three sizes of drill bits

6 Products

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