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  1. £27.65 £23.04

    Cistermiser Combiphos Refill 800g

    Ref: HCHE046

    • Capacity: The Cistermiser Combiphos Refill has a capacity of 800g
    • Function: This product is designed to refill the Cistermiser Combiphos water treatment system. It is a phosphate-based compound that helps to prevent the buildup of limescale and corrosion in hot water systems
    • Size: The Cistermiser Combiphos Refill comes in a compact size that is easy to handle and store
  2. £167.11 £139.26

    Cistermiser Combimate Complete with Combiphos Starter Pack 15mm

    Ref: HCHE045

    • Product protects boilers and heating appliances from corrosion and scale formation 
    • Reduces energy costs 
    • Easy to install and maintain 
  3. £160.57 £133.81

    Cistermiser Hydraulic Standard Urinal Flush Control Valve for Standard Pressure

    Ref: PWAT050

    • Unique patented hydraulic mechanism – no electrical supply or batteries required
    • Industry leader with half a million already installed
    • ‘Fit and forget’ quality and reliability
  4. £250.28 £208.57

    Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve - IRC2

    Ref: PBUP091

    • Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve
    • Motion-sensing infared flushing control valve
    • Brass-bodied solenoid valve and flush mounting bracket

4 Products

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