At JT Atkinson, we source the highest quality timber and treat it on site at our Stockton branch with high quality Tanalith. Our tanalised timber is available to buy online or in branch. But what is tanalised timber?

Tanalised Timber

To support the home-grown wood species, Tanalith water-based wood preservative is pressure permutated into the timber in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. The components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed. It then has the ultimate long-term defence against wood decay and insect attack, wherever the timber is used.

Tanalith has a unique combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients to provide the very best protection for your timber – with over 20 years of proof. The unique formula has been extensively tested in the field and proven in practice.

The pressure treated timber initially has a natural green colour, but upon external exposure the colour changes to a warm brown and then, in the long term, a natural silver grey. Although the weather affects the colour, it does not affect the preservative protection.

Tanatone Timber

Tanalith treated timber is also available with built-in brown colour, referred to as Tanatone. This differs to the traditional Tanalith green and is ideal for rough sawn timber fencing and landscaping applications.





Treatment Specifications

End use and species of the timber must be clearly stated within the treatment specification. This is because the process restrictions can be so varied. Use Classes can be summarised as follows:

Use Class 1: For internal buildings with no risk of wetting

Use Class 2: For internal buildings with a risk of wetting

Use Class 3: External timbers used above ground contact and uncoated

Use Class 4: External timbers used in ground or freshwater contact

You can view all our treated CLS Studwork and rough sawn timber here:

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