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  1. From £3.98 £3.32

    ATG MaxiFlex Ultimate AD-APT Palm Coated Knitted Wrist Work Gloves

    Ref: WGLO001P

    • Uses AD-APT technology to keep your hands cool and dry
    • Highly breathable for excellent comfort
    • DURAtech coating for resistance against abrasions
  2. From £6.97 £5.81

    ATG MaxiTherm Latex Palm-Coated Thermal Water-Resistant Gloves

    Ref: WGLO007P

    • Ideal for general handling in cold conditions
    • Made with a natural latex foam coating on the palms
    • Designed with a seamless polyester/acrylic liner
  3. From £5.14 £4.28

    ATG MaxiDry 3/4 Coated Oil Repellent Gloves

    Ref: WGLO004P

    • Repels oil so you remain comfortable
    • Features a three quarter coating for added grip
    • Designed to provide comfort, grip and protection
  4. From £9.95 £8.29

    ATG MaxiDry Zero Fully Coated Thermal Insulating Gloves

    Ref: WGLO016P

    • High thermal insulation
    • Waterproof
    • Protects against cold, heat, oil, chemicals
  5. From £8.99 £7.49

    ATG MaxiCut Ultra Palm-Coated Cut Resistant Grip Gloves

    Ref: WGLO013P

    • Designed for use in dry environments
    • Free from silicone to avoid allergic reactions
    • Highly breathable for improved comfort
  6. From £5.48 £4.57

    ATG MaxiFlex Cut Lightweight Palm-Coated Gloves

    Ref: WGLO010P

    • Highly thin and flexible for improved sensitivity
    • DMF free and REACH compliant
    • Pre-washed for improved freshness out of the packet

6 Products

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