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Plumbing Consumables

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  1. Solderless Copper Bonding 50g

    SKU: PLJO979

    Solderless Copper Bonding
    • Bonds copper pipes in 60 seconds
    • 70% faster than hot soldering
    • No flame/heat
    £23.99 £19.99
  2. C-Tec Miracle Seal 250ml

    SKU: PLJO651

    C-Tec Miracle Seal 250ml
    C-Tec Miracle Seal 250ml
    £11.87 £9.89
  3. PTFE Tape (12mm x 12m)

    SKU: PLJO500

    PTFE Tape (12mm x 12m)
    • Provides a watertight joint 
    • Reel has a dust cover 
    • Essential van stock for plumbers 
    £0.29 £0.24
  4. Lead Solder Heating Only 500g

    SKU: PLJO960

    Lead Solder Heating Only 500g
    • 500g reel 
    • Only suitable for non-potable plumbing applications 
    • Quick and tidy joints 
    £6.59 £5.49
  5. Steel Wool (450g)

    SKU: PLJO082

    Steel Wool (450g)
    • Clean copper pipe & fittings 
    • Will remove paint, varnish and rust 
    • Polish metal surfaces 
    £5.56 £4.63
  6. Everbuild P16 PVC Pipe Solvent Cement 250ml

    SKU: PLJO015

    Everbuild P16 PVC Pipe Solvent Cement 250ml
    • 250ml pipe solvent cement
    • Non-drip
    • CE and Kite marked giving the added reassurance of high quality
    £4.80 £4.00
  7. Polycell Fix & Grout 330g

    SKU: DPSP530

    Polycell Fix & Grout 330g
    • Perfect for grouting or tiling a small area.
    • Ideal for repairs such a loose or broken tiles.
    • Brilliant white waterproof finish.
    £6.77 £5.64
  8. Plumbers Grease (57grm)

    SKU: PTOO251

    Plumbers Grease 57grm GP
    • Can be used to lubricate taps, valves and other items in service
    • 57grm lubricant for plumbers
    • Works in temperatures up to 180°F/82°C
    £3.95 £3.29
  9. PTFE Tape For Gas

    SKU: HGAS050

    PTFE Tape For Gas
    • Suitable for all gas installations
    • PTFE tape gas specification
    • Non-adhesive (no need for messy compounds)
    £0.82 £0.68
  10. Cleanfit Mesh Cleaning Strips (10) (250x38mm)

    SKU: PTOO327

    TT Cleanfit Mesh Cleaning Strips (10) 250x38mm CFS8
    • Used to prepare the ends of copper pipes for soldering processes 
    • 10 strips included 
    • Measuring: 203x38mm 
    £5.04 £4.20

Items 1-10 of 35

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