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  1. Sentinel X100 Inhibitor 1L

    SKU: HCHE025

    Sentinel X100 Inhibitor 1L
    • Provides protection for central heating systems against limescale and corrosion 
    • Suitable for all indirect heating systems 
    • Extends the life of your central heating system 
    £12.96 £10.80
  2. Sentinel Internal Leak Sealer

    SKU: HCHE038

    Sentinel Internal Leak Sealer
    • Ideal for sealing small leaks or weeping joints 
    • For use on all indirect central heating systems 
    • Non-toxic & non-irritant 
    £10.80 £9.00
  3. Sentinel X500 Anti Freeze 5L

    SKU: HCHE042

    Sentinel X500 Anti Freeze 5L
    • Prevents system water from freezing 
    • Enhanced limescale and corrosion protection 
    • Protects all system metals against corrosion 
    £35.27 £29.39
  4. Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner 1L

    SKU: HCHE028

    Sentinel X400 High Performance Cleaner 1L
    • Non-acid treatment restoring circulation to radiators and pipework 
    • Extremely efficient formula for removing sludge 
    • Eliminates radiator cold spots and restores proper heat distribution 
    £14.76 £12.30
  5. Sentinel X800 Jetflo Fast Acting Cleaner 1L

    SKU: HCHE030

    Sentinel X800 Jetflo Fast Acting Cleaner 1L
    • Quickly removes corrosion deposits and scale from older systems 
    • Developed especially for use with powerflushing machines 
    • Circulation can be restored in old, dirty heating systems 
    £16.97 £14.14
  6. Sentinel X300 Cleanser 1L

    SKU: HCHE031

    Sentinel X300 Cleanser 1L
    • Removes installation debris and grease 
    • Prepares the system for the addition of an inhibitor 
    • Protects system components and prolongs effective life 
    £15.11 £12.59
  7. Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer 1L

    SKU: HCHE034

     Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer (1L)
    • Effectively reduces boiler noise 
    • Restores boiler efficiency 
    • Easy to handle 
    £16.25 £13.54
  8. Sentinel Radiator Dosing Adaptor

    SKU: HCHE033

    Sentinel Rapid Dose Radiator Dosing Adaptor
    • Discharges the contents of the can into the system in seconds 
    • No need to drain or depressurise the system 
    • Propellant is simply compressed air 
    £79.88 £66.57

8 Items

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