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Under Floor Heating Will Keep You Warmer This Winter

Underfloor heating can be a great advantage to your home, and it boasts many different advantages. This type of heating is extremely popular across Northern Europe and in recent times it has become popular here in the UK. In this article we take a look at why you should get an underfloor heater.

Combined with Heat Pumps

One of the major advantages of underfloor heating is that it can be successfully combined to work with heat pumps. The heat can be delivered to provide domestic hot water up to 60°C (140°F) while feeding the floor heating system at a lower efficient temperature. Underfloor heating systems are designed to optimize the efficiency of heat pumps; this will help to reduce running costs and your carbon footprint.

No Maintenance

There is little that can go wrong with underfloor heating systems thanks to the fact that they feature no moving parts. Prior to installation, the pipes should already have been pressure tested to identify and repair any potential leaks. There are no regular maintenance costs to incur unlike traditional convection heating.

Under Floor Heating Will Keep You Warmer This Winter

Heat Radiation

Underfloor heating provides a more consistent and even heat flow into your home. Unlike radiators, which tend to lose a lot of heat, underfloor heating will heat the room much faster and easier. Underfloor heating will heat the entire floor; this will result in warm feet as well as consistent room temperatures.

No Noise

Underfloor heaters are extremely quiet when they run, unlike with radiators where you sometimes hear an annoying ticking sound as the pipes expand in the floor voids, this does not happen with underfloor heating systems.

Room Design

Under Floor Heating Will Keep You Warmer This Winter

Generally when designing your room, you have to work it around your heating, for example you may not be able to place your furniture where you want because there may be a radiator in that location. Therefore you have lost space. With underfloor heating, this does not become an issue and you have total freedom to design your room how you want, and place furniture without restrictions, suiting your lifestyle.

Flexible Temperature Control

Traditional heating systems are generally controlled with a single thermostat, but a floor heating system gives you full control over the temperature in each individual room in your house. You can easily programme these to meet the demands of a particular area, meaning you don’t have to waste money and energy heating areas of your property that are used less than others.


Underfloor heating is generally safer than radiators because there is no appliance for children to burn themselves on. There are also lower flow temperatures.


Underfloor heating systems are an advantage to your health because they produce less airborne dust than radiators and convection currents. This is a great advantage to those who have allergies or asthma sufferers.

Under Floor Heating Will Keep You Warmer This Winter

These are all the advantages of getting an underfloor heating system, and why you should get one. This popular heating system will be a great addition to your home.

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