The Baxi 830 and Worcester 2000 combi boilers are manufactured by two of the most popular and well-trusted manufacturers in the UK. Worcester Bosch are the UK market leader and boast award winning performance whilst Baxi provides a durable build combined with award winning, quality customer service.

The main differences between the Baxi 830 and the Worcester 2000  are the price, warranty and aesthetics. The Baxi 830 comprises a Magnaclean Micro 2 Filter, 10 year warranty and a cost of £922.79 inc VAT.

worcester2000-minWhereas, the Worcester 2000 warranty is almost half the length and (extendable) to 6 years when installed with the Greenstar System Filter  but the boiler is slightly less expensive at £874.80 inc VAT and includes the Worcester Greenstar Digital Thermostat. 

Typically, Worcester Bosch is seen as the more expensive brand however, the 2000 has been primarily designed with price and functionality in mind combining the quality of the Worcester Bosch manufacturing whilst maintaining an affordably priced boiler.

Aesthetically speaking the Worcester 2000 does display a more futuristic, contemporary design and the Baxi has maintained the traditional image. However, both the boilers are designed with convenience in mind and ensure they can be fitted discretely inside the average sized kitchen cupboard.DEPT_363019 800 Combi-min

Regarding the functionality, both the 30kW Combi boilers obtain Boiler Plus Legislation, EST (Energy Saving Trust) and A rating for efficiency however, the Worcester 2000 does come out with a slightly higher flow rate of 12L/min as opposed to the Baxi 830 at 11.5L/min.

To round up, the similarities between both the Baxi 830 and Worcester 2000 are microscopic however, the Worcester 2000 provides a more competitive price and a smarter design but the Baxi 830 does offer award winning customer service combined with the security of a 10-year warranty. Nevertheless, when purchasing it is always best to take advice from a qualified heating engineer.


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