In recent years the Artificial lawn has come a long way since the luminous AstroTurf, showing an ever-increasing popularity, mainly due to the minimal maintenance and upkeep they require. However, is the artificial lawn as good as the real deal?

Artificial Lawn Vs Live LawnThe Artificial lawn boasts many positive’s maintaining a persistent healthy and aesthetically, pleasing appearance all year round, ensuring to with stand change in temperatures and seasonal elements. In comparison to a genuine lawn which naturally shows signs of dehydration or flooding.

Additionally, the artificial grass ensures maintenance is minimal, eradicating the need to be mowed, fertilised or watered. Although there is the drawback of the installation cost of the artificial grass on average costing £65 per square metre and eventually will need to be replaced without the luxury of a regrowth.

Artificial Lawn Vs Live LawnThe artificial grass does offer a highly durable composition and often comes with a 10-year warranty to provide peace of mind and ensures that the grass is resistant to footfall and isn’t susceptible to sludge in the winter.

There is the obvious element of the appearance, texture and smell - or lack of with artificial grass. Depending on the surroundings and personal preference aesthetically and sensory the artificial grass does lack the authenticity of the real thing. Taking all of this into consideration where time is concerned the artificial lawn is a definite winner and most suitable for the busy homeowner. Plan your project.