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Taking care of your Artificial lawn

One of the many luxuries of having an artificial lawn is the minimum maintenance and upkeep it requires in comparison to a live lawn however, there are a few must do’s to keep your lawn looking better for longer.

Useful tools:

Fortunately, the grass is designed with ease in mind so keeping up appearances is a breeze, unwanted debris such as leaves, twigs and other alien substances won’t affect the grass’ composition but after a while may encourage weeds and moss – losing the clean, pleasing appearance of the lawn. This is simply resolved with the use of a leaf blower or a sweep.artificial-grass-grass-rooms-vision-8-before-and-after

Not only will a sweep keep the lawn looking minimalistic and unspoilt, but it also ensures the grass maintains its composition, keeping it upright and fresh.

A blast with the hose is also an effective way of keeping things fresh especially eclipse_1_namgrass-artificial_grass_1140x570when dealing with pets- Namgrass is ideal because it does not discolour however, where stains and marks are concerned the use of Namgrass artificial grass cleaner is a simple spray and quickly and effectively removes marks and stains.

For less stubborn marks warm water and washing up liquid is equally as effective. If something stronger is ever required always try a patch test on the corner of the grass or somewhere that is not observable.

Things to avoid when cleaning your lawn:

  • The use of sharp objects may cut or tear the grass. When trying to lever something off your grass use a blunt object.
  • Harsh chemicals could damage the material. Use washing up liquid, half-and-half of vinegar and water or the professional artificial grass cleaner. A hose is effective when washing away irritants.
  • Heat is never necessary - your lawn will always dry naturally.
  • The use of a domestic vacuum on your artificial grass is not recommended. This may damage both the grass and the vacuum. Alternatively use a garden vacuum or blower.

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