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Reduce the effects of hard water on your boiler

How hard is the water in your area?

Part L of the building regulations states that if the water hardness exceeds 200ppm (parts per million) water in a hot water circuit it requires treatment to decrease the limescale deposition.

WATER HARDNESS UK 2The hardness is measured by the amount of mineral deposits in the water. An area with soft water would have below 60ppm and an area with harder water would have more than 180ppm. A guide for your areas water can be found here or alternatively on your county water website.

Effects of hard water on appliances:

Hard water can have a direct effect on most plumping appliances or anything that encounters water. Especially hot water utilities and boilers.

  1. Increases risk of clogs: The sediment can accumulate in the pipes increasing the risk of obstructs.
  2. Reduces energy efficiency: British Water stated that ‘’limescale can reduce the efficiency of your boiler by up to 12 per cent.’’ The limescale build up can congest the pipes making it harder for the water to heat, increasing time and reducing efficiency.
  3. Shortens appliance lifespan: The Kettling effect puts additional strain on the boiler making the system work harder overexerting itself. This not only decreases the efficiency of your boiler but also shortens the lifespan.

Ways to remove the effects of hard water:

The Fernox DS3 limescale remover  fernox ds3

has been specifically designed to eliminate the effects of lime scale and restore efficiency to all types of water heaters.

How to prevent the effects of hard water:

A simple and effective solution to prolong the life of your boiler, is to install The Boilermag's Electrolytic Scale Reducer. Boilermag ESRThe electroscale reducer primarily functions by minimising the limescale deposition. The Boilermag ESR has been specifically designed to improve the efficiency and working life of your boiler Requiring no maintenance and a one year guarantee the reducer provides the ideal prevention tool.

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