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Prepare Your Home For Winter With Our Checklist

The weather is starting to get colder, so now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the upcoming winter. No-one wants to have to deal with a burst frozen pipe or an icy draught when the weather is freezing, but thankfully you can avoid this by doing a few things to your home to prepare it for the cold weather.

If you want to make sure that your home is cosy and warm in winter, here are a few things you can do to prepare your home. From protecting the plumbing to boosting the insulation, there are lots of ways to be ready for the cold!

Protect the Pipes

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Our Checklist

Plumbing is one of the first things you should consider, as when the temperature drops the pipes are more susceptible to freezing and bursting. A frozen pipe with a burst in it can cost a lot of money to fix, and in the meantime your house may be much colder.

For this reason you should take the time to wrap any exposed pipes in foam insulation to reduce the chance of them bursting. This is especially important if they are drain pipes or pipes that are exposed to water, as they are more likely to burst.

Boost the Insulation

Your home will already have insulation to protect you from the cold, but you can easily boost the insulation in your home by putting an insulating blanket around the hot water tank. You can also seal exterior outlets with foam sealing gaskets to minimise cold.

If you have a fireplace you should definitely take the time to check if it is leaking cold air. If so, you can use fibreglass insulation to block the hole, but obviously this is only an option if you don’t use the fireplace (or if you have an electric fireplace)!

To help further you can check the sealant around your window frames and if necessary reseal the area to further prevent cold air getting in to your home and warm air escaping.

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Our Checklist

Prepare the Heating

Your heating is the main thing that will be keeping you and your family warm during winter, so you should take a few hours to prepare the heating for the cold weather. Start by testing the furnace and heating to make sure that they are working properly. If everything is working properly you will only need to do some basic maintenance, such as replacing the air filter and clearing any dust from the heating vents.

If you have an oil or a propane furnace you should also make sure that the fuel storage tank is full. After all, you don’t want the furnace to stop working on a cold December night!

Don’t Forget About Air Conditioning

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Our Checklist

Many people don’t think about their air conditioning as it doesn’t make the house warmer, but it should still be considered if it is kept outside. If you have an outdoor condensing unit you will need to clear any debris away and then cover it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged by snow or rainfall.

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