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Prepare Your Guttering For Winter

Winter is coming, and it is vital to make sure that the guttering and the roof it is attached to will provide an effective barrier between you and all the rainy storms that the chilly seasons can dish up. Now is a really good time to look at your gutters, before the cold really sets in and a problem could be a lot more difficult to remedy. Plus, it is good for peace of mind to know that you will be snug and dry all winter because your gutters have been inspected and are in good order.

Check for Blockages

Leaves and other debris can accumulate in the gutters, so climb a ladder, put on some gloves and make sure the gutters are clean and clear. A brush may be needed to thoroughly clean the downspouts. The hedgehog gutter brush is perfect for this job. Use a hose pipe to rinse and send water along the guttering to ensure they can do their job of transporting rainwater runoff or melting ice.

Prepare Your Guttering For Winter

Take Care of Leaks and Holes

As the water runs through the guttering, watch carefully to see if water is dripping through where it shouldn’t be. Any cracks or tears in joints or seams should be repaired before they get any worse, and this can be done with the application of silicone rubber caulking. Make sure the gutter is completely dry, and apply caulking to the inside and outside of the leak. Gutters can also be lined with a range of watertight materials to prevent leaks in the future. If guttering has rusted or has large holes, it may need to be replaced. It could be worth considering using a water resistant substance such as PVC for new guttering. Geocel lead & gutter seal is a great option for this job.

Prepare Your Guttering For Winter

Preventative Action

Once your gutters are clear and doing a good job, add some guards to keep the next load of debris and leaves out. This will save you effort in the future and will make sure the gutters do not get clogged again during the autumn and winter months.

Prepare Your Guttering For Winter

Damp Protection

Make your gutters even more effective at keeping winter rain and snow from affecting your home by adding extensions to the spouts on the guttering to divert water and melting ice further from the foundations, or even into a drain. Splashblocks or irrigation pipes can also be added to assist with this.

Prepare Your Guttering For Winter

Address Sagging

If the gutters are loose or sagging, then remove the gutter spikes holding the gutters in place and replace these with gutter screws. Gutter screws are much more effective at providing secure support for your guttering.

While you are up on the roof, it is also a sensible idea to check if any tiles or parts of the outer covering are loose, and fix these accordingly. Flashing, the thin sheets of metal that are folded over to protect joints on the roof, can develop cracks or leaks over time, so it is essential to inspect these as well. Now that the gutters are in great shape to carry water efficiently away, you want the roof to do its job in protecting the home and delivering every drop of moisture to the gutters.

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