JT Atkinson proudly sponsors the National Home Security Month 2020

October marks the National Home Security Month, and JT Atkinson is proud to be an official sponsor to support and raise awareness around how important home security is for protecting your belongings, your home and your family.

Home SecuritySo what better time to make sure you have everything you need to keep your projects safe and secure. Protecting your home from intruders and keeping your family and belongings safe at home remains important all year round. Winter is fast approaching and the days are starting to get shorter, so knowing your home is safe gives you a sense of security knowing that you already have the right internal and external defences in place.

To prevent burglaries and theft it is important to keep up to date with the latest statistics for ongoing management for safety. When the days start to become shorter the increase in burglaries take place which means doors and windows need to be kept secure. 90% of burglaries take place via entry through the front or back door which means it is a no brainer when it comes to having a British Standard fitted lock that gives you further reassurance.

From doors and windows to security cameras and home safes JT Atkinson sells an extensive range of security products to ensure your home has the appropriate protection.



Lock and key for a secure homeLocks

With the day to day pressures of life, home security can often be overlooked by homeowners, that is why it is even more important to ensure and enhance security by having the right locks fitted. Different locks are made to work for different things. Mortice locks are usually used on external doors as they are larger and more secure. They work by using deadbolts with an outer casing around the lock which is drill proof.

If you are looking for advice on which locks are best for your project, you can email our customer service team who are happy to help you and give you the right information.




Secure door locksDoor Furniture

Home security starts with the correct prevention such as anti-drill, anti-screw, anti-bump and anti-pic door furniture to protect your happy home environment. The most common accessories for modern homes are smart doorbells and smart security cameras. This equipment reacts to any movement from the front door or areas where the cameras are set up, creates a video recording and sends notifications straight to your smartphone.

Contact our customer service team for information and advice on which smart doorbells or cameras are right for your build.




man breaking into from window

Window Furniture

Using window furniture is a great way to add another level of security to your build. Window Safety Restrictors are fitted to the inside of the window frame to prevent the window from being fully opened so that no one can get in or out of the building using the window.

For advice on window furniture for your build, you can email our customer service team who are happy to help you and give you the right information.




Home Safes

Home safes are a great way of keeping your personal documents and valuables safe. Safes come in many shapes, sizes and with different installation methods and with many different home safes to choose from, it can become difficult to know which one is right for you.

Combination Safes use a sequence of letters, numbers or symbols which are entered using either single dial or multiple dial mechanisms. Dial mechanisms are is most commonly found on padlocks, lockers and safes and uses dial which interact with several discs or cams stored internally within the lock and have notches cut into them. A slight click will be heard as the tooth has settled into the notch as you input each character, and when the whole combination has been entered correctly the lock will open.

Digital Safes use an electronic lock to provide an automated and intelligent approach to protecting your valuables. To open your safe, you simply correctly input your specified and predetermined code into the keypad and the safe will open.


If you have any questions, our customer service team are happy to help and give you information or advice on which is the right safe for you.

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