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How to keep warm on site this winter

Now that winter is in full swing and the cold weather is set to get worse, we’ve put together a few top tips on how to keep warm on site.

The right combination of clothing is a simple solution for keeping warm. Combining a base layer, middle layer and outer layer helps to maintain body heat, trapping warm air and increasing insulation. An ideal solution to suit the unpredictable British weather, ensuring you are prepared for all the weather eventualities that could arise.


The Scruffs base layers provide brilliant thermal insulation with thermal engineered fabric and close to the skin contact to wick away moisture.


A fleece is ideal for a comfortable layer of insulation. The material traps air in the pockets between its fibres helping to maintain natural thermal insulation. Clothes that are made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres are an ideal middle


Remaining dry is highly important a waterproof and windproof jacket provides the perfect protection from the elements. Additionally, gloves, hat and neck warmers are perfect accessories to ensure no warmth is lost unnecessarily, pocket or disposable handwarmers can give up to 10 hours of heat.

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Footwear is vital for warmth and safety. The addition of waterproof, insulated, well-treaded boots ensure feet remain dry and slips and trips are minimalised when the weather is at its worst.



Monitor the weather:

Being prepared is always advantageous, keeping an eye on the weather predictions and carrying spare clothing ensures if the weather does catch you off guard you can stay dry, it is important to ensure clothes close to the skin remain dry to avoid illnesses!

Additionally having at least one hot meal a day and eating regularly helps to keep the body temperature up; warm meals such as soup, and regular hot drinks are highly effective.

Keeping warm is not only vital for health benefits but also helps to increase productivity on site!

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