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Choosing A New Boiler

Your boiler has probably not had much use over the summer, but as the weather cools down your heating will be turned on more, and the demands on your boiler will increase. This is often the time of year when homeowners realise that their boiler isn’t working efficiently and look at replacing it.

Boilers become less efficient as they get older, and if yours has been installed for 15 years or more, you could be wasting as much as 40% of the energy you use. Before you jump into choosing a new and more efficient boiler, what factors should you consider?

Choosing A New Boiler

The Size of Your Household In order for it to operate efficiently, you need to choose a boiler that meets the requirements of your household. Therefore you have to consider how big the property is, including the number of bathrooms that there are and the amount of hot water and heating that you typically use. These areas will be a big factor in the decision-making process.

Different Types of Boilers The main boiler types are combination, system and regular. They all offer different benefits and will suit different types of usage patterns and properties. It’s important not to just go for the most popular boiler and to really consider your current requirements and how these might change in the future. For example, are you going to extend the property and add an extra bathroom or en-suite?

Choosing A New Boiler

A regular boiler will require a hot-water storage cylinder and generally uses an expansion tank as well. These are better suited to properties that have a large number of bathrooms and high usage but suffer from low pressure levels. They take up more space than other systems, as they usually need to have an expansion tank located in the loft.

System boilers will also make use of stored water in the same way that regular models do. These boilers can generate a flow of water to different outlets, including taps and showers, all at the same time. A system boiler will be more compact and efficient than a regular one, as the main hot water and heating elements are built in. This means that it doesn’t require an expansion tank.

Choosing A New Boiler

Combination boilers are particularly popular today, and many property owners think they’re the best option to choose. However, these boilers are not suited to every type of property, especially if you have a larger home. One of the main advantages of combination boilers is their size, and they are extremely compact because there is no expansion tank or cylinder. They heat the water when it’s needed, so you’re not warming it up unnecessarily. Combination boilers work best in one- or two-bathroom properties.

It’s always best when you’re choosing a new boiler to get advice from a qualified heating engineer. They will be able to assess your property and decide on the best approach for your needs.

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