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5 Things You Should Know When Planning a House Extension

  1. Planning permission:

Planning permission is usually required in most instances when developing your property. Contacting your local planning authority is always advised to ensure you have the best possible advice before going ahead with any changes. However, a few helpful questions to consider before you start the process:

  • Is the structure next to a road and over 1 metre high?Extension 2
  • Is the structure over 2 metres and not next to a road?
  • Is your house listed?
  • Does it form a boundary with a listed building?

If the answer is yes to the above, planning permission is most likely required. Industrial properties may differ with ‘permitted development rights.'

2. Cost:

Building an extension may be cost effective in comparison to upsizing and additionally adds value to your home, however costs are a huge consideration when planning a big project or alteration to your home. There are the obvious costs of materials and hiring tradesmen but also the less obvious additional costs to factor in such as planning applications, architect, building regulations and structural engineering fees. It is always advisable to obtain more than one quote to ensure that you’re getting the arrangement best suited to you and your needs.

  1. Time:

Consider your timetable- Each project is different, and factors can contribute to increase and decrease time scale, for example if you plan to live in the house while the work is carried out, the processes tends to take longer largely depending on size, time can be roughly estimated.

  1. Don’t forget insurance:

Adding to your property may change your existing home insurance policy. Simple internal alterations and refurbishment may often be within your policy, but any additional structures or building work should be advised.

  1. Demands on Your Boiler:

A detail that may be overlooked but should be considered, can your boiler cope with the additional structure? Online research can be exceptionally advantageous and additionally speaking to an experienced heating engineer can save time and money in the future.

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