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10 Space-Creating Ideas

milivoj-kuhar-Te48TPzdcU8-unsplash1.  Knock Down Walls

One of the best ways to create space in the home is by knocking down walls. Whilst not necessarily the easiest or the cheapest home renovation, creating an open-plan structure can be great for making your home feel larger and brighter.

2.  Mezzaninesaaron-huber-s95oB2n9jng-unsplash

If you’re looking to create space in a small apartment or house, one of the best things to do is look up! Consider whether you could add a mezzanine. Ideal for creating a separation between living and sleeping spaces, mezzanines are both functional and incredibly worthwhile when it comes to adding value to your home.


michael-nunes-DbHCjpezpT4-unsplash3.  Within Wall Cupboards and Shelving

Need to store your home accessories, souvenirs and books but don’t want to add a bulky and space-consuming unit? Why not consider adding shelving and storage into your walls. Although still using some of the space within a room, an in-built shelving system can create an eye-catching feature whilst allowing you to minimise the depth of the storage unit.


4.  Window Seats

Bay-windows present ample opportunity for a unique space that is otherwise left redundant. Add a window seat  to appreciate the views of the countryside or urban cityscape, window seats not only create space but ensure an aesthetically pleasing design.


5.  Minimalist Bathrooms


Minimalism is everywhere in the architecture and interior world, and it is a trend worth getting on board with if you’re looking to create the illusion of more space. What better room to do this in than a bathroom. Simple space-creating illusions include:

  • Ensuring your tiled flooring is throughout. Create a step-in shower, where the flooring matches the rest of the tiling. By doing this, you create the illusion of a bigger, continuous room.
  • Glass doors. Instead of creating a bathroom space where the shower unit is white plastic, opt for transparent separators which allow the room to look longer and less cluttered. This tip is perfect for those small bathrooms that need an instant face-lift!

6.  Renovate Every Space

Most homes have the under-stairs cupboard. Whilst these cupboards may be a great place to store outerwear, these under-stairs compartments (when big enough) do also present an opportunity for a significant renovation. Depending on the size of your cupboard and the location of your plumbing system, these spaces are excellent for installing a small bathroom space. You’ll need to seek the expertise of a professional, but these home renovations can pay dividends when you come to sell.

7.  Rethink Lighting

Lighting and lampshades make a big difference to a room, not only in appearance but also in the amount of space they take up. Reduce clutter with the installation of a light fitting instead of a bedside table. For those looking to save bedside space, try fitting wall sconces and pendant lamps!


antonio-caverzan-D1YruV0KUDw-unsplash8.  Lofts and Basements

We couldn’t have a list of space-creating ideas without the inclusion of a loft or basement conversion. One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to creating extra space is to convert those unused spaces into extra living spaces or bedrooms.

9.  Internal Windows & Transparent Doors

Believe it or not, windows are not always for your external walls. If you’re not willing to commit to knocking down walls (see point 1) but do want to create a brighter and bigger-appearing space, why not consider adding internal windows and doors? Internal windows and doors are great because they maintain the separation of spaces but allow light to travel further, giving the illusion of bigger rooms.

10.  Alcoves and Awkward Corners

If you own a home with a chimney breast, then you’ll be aware of the awkward alcoves and corners which comes either side of them. Often forcing large portions of the room to be unused and wasted. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider whether you could build a bookcase to fit your space or even a fold-out desk with a stool underneath. Making use of these awkward space will provide you with extra storage spaces and an additional way to show off your interior style.

This article was written by The Stable Workshop, a project management service for renovations and refurbishments in London.

Note: Always consult an experienced/qualified professional before undertaking any structural changes to a property as this can affect the integrity of the building and therefore your safety.

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